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GLOBAL PEDIATRICS is an international adoption medical supoprt service, which specializes in assisting families adopting from the Former Soviet Union. We help prospective parents through the entire adoption process, from the time of the initial referral to your child(ren)'s actual arrival in the United States. Members of our staff have been trained both in the former Soviet Union and in the United States. We can provide assistance in Russian and Ukraninian languages.


Before Your Trip
Our office is capable of assisting you in all types of adoption from the Former Soviet Union; both with pre-trip or in-country referrals, requiring either one or two trips. Our consultations provide information on what to expect during the adoption process; how to evaluate your children, and how to obtain information from the orphanage.

Original medical records in Russian are preferred over English translations. Special bilingual evaluation forms are available in order to eliminate potential problems that may arise with translations. Videos and/or pictures are reviewed, if obtainable.

For programs with pre-trip referrals, evaluations are performed within 24-48 hours after receiving your children's background information. For programs with in-country referrals, we provide immediate consultations by telephone, fax, and Internet, if accessible.
Telephone/fax conferences in Russian with the local physicians and orphanages are possible, when necessary.

Families are advised on proper travel vaccinations guidelines and those vaccinations can be performed in our office. Anticipatory guidance is provided on such post-adoption issues as medical, developmental, and educational evaluations and follow-ups, psychological support and insurance coverage.

On The Road
All families are counseled on the essentials of parenting and traveling with their newly adopted children. Recommendations and packing lists are usually based on the age of the adoptive children, and the proposed region of travel.
Referrals are given for in-country medical services and basic childcare issues. We address such topics as feeding, sleeping, fevers, rashes, etc.

If necessary, one of our staff physicians is available for consultation while the family is abroad.

Welcome Home
We do recommend that your child be evaluated within 48-72 hours after arriving in the United States. The first post-adoption visit to the pediatrician is usually 1- 1.5 hour long, and includes a review of medical information, a physical examination, hearing, vision, and developmental testing.
Feeding and behavioral patterns are reviewed, and immunization status is assessed. Additional time is provided to answer parents' questions and concerns.

Depending on family's insurance requirements, post-adoption testing, including, but not limited to blood work, urinalysis, Mantoux testing, and stool evaluation can be performed at the time of the initial visit. Recommendations for testing can be given to your local pediatrician.

Mono- or bilingual developmental and psychological evaluations can be performed in our office, your home, or in your child's school.

If required, children are referred to other specialists, familiar with the evaluation and management of internationally adopted children.

Registration Forms

To request a review, please complete the registration form below and fax it to 732-432-9030. Subsequent consultations may be scheduled using the online appointment scheduler.

Prospective Adoptive Parent Registration


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